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Cardio Thorasic Vascular Surgery

A remarkable feature of Maharaja Agrasen Hospital is dedicated & exclusive General Thoracic Surgery Department dealing with diseased or injured organs of chest specifically disorders of lungs and esophagus (food pipe) and trachea (wind pipe). Lung cancer, emphysema, LVRS for advanced COPD, complications of lung tuberculosis and chest trauma are some of the many clinical indications for thoracic surgery. The department is famous for successfully managing patients with chest injuries including injuries of the heart.

In cooperation with other departments, complete diagnostic work up of thoracic surgical patient is done in-house including pulmonary function test, pulmonary angiography, bronchoscopy (both rigid & video-assisted), spiral CT scan with 3-D reconstruction, MRI, Arterial blood gas analysis etc.

Staffed by highly trained and experienced Cardiothoracic Surgeons, department is fully equipped with most modern facilities for diagnosis and geared to undertake all sorts of advanced general thoracic operations for various infective, noninfective, post-tubercular and cancerous diseases of lung, wind pipe, chest wall, mediastinum etc. in all age groups starting from infancy to ripe old age comparable to international standards.

To help patients with chronic, crippling respiratory dysfunction as in bullous lung disease & advanced emphysema, lung volume reduction surgery is done routinely. Plans are being envisaged to add lung transplantation services that shall further augment the thoracic surgery department.

Dept is also one of few in Northern India to undertake minimally invasive thoracic surgery (Key hole surgery). Apart from diagnostic mediastinoscopy and thoracoscopy, video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) is routinely done for a wide variety of diseases inside chest cavity. A sample list of operations done using VATS include Bullectomy, pleurectomy, Ablation of hemothorax, Ablation of empyema thoracis, Thymectomy, Wedge resection of lung, Esophageal myotomy, Lung biopsy, Pleural biopsy, Mediastinal lymph node biopsy, pericardial biopsy etc.

Excellent postoperative care is provided in modern intensive care unit installed with state-of-art monitoring equipments, ventilators and round-the-clock availability of trained intensivists.

Diagnostic Procedures
  • Bronchoscopy

  • Key Hole Lung Biopsy

  • Key hole Pleural biopsy

  • Thoracoscopy

  • Mediastinoscopy

  • Spiral CT scan

  • Virtual Bronchoscopy

  • Pulmonary Angiography
Therapeutic Procedures
  • Lobectomy

  • Pneumonectomy

  • Decortication

  • Chest wall reconstruction

  • Chest injuries

  • Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery (Key hole surgery)

  • Tracheal surgery (wind pipe narrowing & tumours)

  • Bronchial Artery embolization

  • Foreign Body in Airways

  • Lung Volume Reduction Surgery

  • Surgery for Lung Tuberculosis

In addition, CTVS department provides regular technical and specialty support to Dept of Pulmonary Medicine so that advanced bronchoscopic interventions can be performed with expert surgical backup

Vascular Surgery:
CTVS department is well equipped to undertake all diagnostic and therapeutic vascular and endovascular procedures. A completely noninvasive CT and MR angiography is done to delineate arterial & venous anatomy. Advanced endovascular procedures including peripheral angioplasty and stenting are carried out in state of art cath labs. Vascular trauma services are available round the clock.

Major vascular surgical operations include:
  • Aortic Aneurysm Repair

  • Carotid Endarterectomy and carotid body tumours

  • Aortofemoral,femoropopliteal & femorotibial bypass Surgery

  • Vascular Injuries

  • Acute ischemia of limbs (Sudden stoppage of blood supply)

  • Chronic ischemia of limbs (Pain in legs on walking)

  • Surgery for Varicose Veins and venous malformations

President's Message

Sh. Ashok Gupta

About 5000 years ago, Maharaja Agarsen present the unique ideals of socialism & co-operation in this world. Under the auspices of Maharaja Agarsen, we establish this hospital on 15th August 1991, through a charitable trust..

Thank you so much for your help and efforts in making our day so special. It was more than we could ever dreamed of, we would also like to compliment your staff whose exceptional professionalism and friendliness will be long remembered. We had a destination in Delhi & when we researched all the planners..

Anil Joshi

Thank you so much for your help and efforts in making our day so special. It was more than we could ever dreamed of, we would also like to compliment your staff whose exceptional professionalism and friendliness will be long remembered. We had a destination in Delhi & when we researched all the planners..

Meera Nagpal
Interior Designer

Inaugural ceremony of “ Unit Of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics held at Maharaja Agrasen Hospital & became the 1st “Non-Medical College in India to have the chair 18 November 2017

A CME in association with Indian Medical Association (IMA) Delhi, North Zone was organized on the role of Sacubitral + Valsartan combination in treatment of CHF patients. 17 November 2017

Maharaja Agrasen Hospital organized certificate for Nursing Professions in Hospital Infection Control 19 November 2017

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Hospital got JCI Accreditation Certificate dated 28 Jan 2017

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