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Mrs. Nirmal Sharma Canada

Dear Sh. Ashok Gupta and Dr. Deepak Singla,
My mother and father who are Canadian Citizens were visiting India early this year when my mother had a fall on the day of arrival. She was rushed to your hospital where she underwent hip socket replacement surgery in the last week of January 2018. Medical support, care and diligence we received in your hospital was at par with the care we receive at world class Canadian healthcare system. We were actually surprised with the highest level of care accorded to us and were delighted by the personalized and customized support provided to us by the medical professionals at your esteemed hospital. In addition to the other support staff, I would like to make a special mention of the doctors who directly interacted with us namely :

Dr. Sanjeev Singhal
Dr. Naresh Agarwal
Dr. Arun Gulati

I can tell you with a certain assurance that all the three doctors provided a very high level of support at the patient touchpoint which is a text book standard in North America. Such a level of care is only available in top 2% of hospitals in North America which are usually “For Profit” entities. As I was personally present at the hospital during my mother’s stay, I firsthand observed how the doctors went out of the way not only with us, but with other patients Finally, such a level of medical care cannot occur without proper leadership from the top, so, I will take this opportunity to thank the Executive Chairman and the executive management for being the guiding light to the service and care of all patients. We wish you great health and continued success in your endeavours, so that this noble mission can be carried forward in eternity.

Mrs. Nirmal Sharma
Mr. Mahinder Kumar Gupta Delhi, India

Thank You So Much for your Help and care in treating me so well it was more than I could ever dreamed off ,I would also liked to compliment your staff to being very nice to patient and with attendant You guys are doing the Great Job while treating your Patient excellent Experience In this Hospital.

Mr. Mahinder Kumar Gupta
Delhi, India
Ms. Fenny Pottier Spain

Thanks to All the staff of this hospital, even after not being an Indian they treated us and cared so well. All the staff members took really good care of us. Everything and everyone was so perfect in delivering their services we felt so comfortable. It’s a special memory for us, which we are taking back with us to our country.

Ms. Fenny Pottier