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Maharaja Agarsen Hospital is a charitable institute which has selflessly and tirelessly catered to the needs of people by providing services in the medical field since last two decades .The dental department had a humble beginning about 14 years back and since then it is slowly but steadily rising daily.

Dental diseases are not considered to be lethal and therefore attitudes on the part of government and public are of different nature. However, the cost of dental diseases in terms of pain, suffering and treatment and loss of work is enormous. Measures to reduce or eliminate dental problems would result in a vast benefit to the population.

Dental decay (caries) and periodontal (gum) diseases are amongst the most common diseases affecting mankind, especially in the so called advanced nations.

MAH has a team of dedicated dental surgeons who are tirelessly and selflessly working to achieve a better goal. The department consists of super specialities in the field of:

  1. OMFS (Oro Maxillo Facial surgeon): speciality which deals with surgical management of disease that affect the mouth and face including the jaw bones. The diseases range from infection in the jaws and face to cancer in the oral cavity which is very much prevalent in India.
  2. Maxillo facial surgeons specialize in treating accident patients which suffer from fracture of facial bones.
  3. Orthodontics: specialises in prevention and correction of dental facial irregularities.
  4. Periodontics: deals in periodontism which includes the gingiva , periodontal ligaments ,roots cementum and supporting alveolar bone. Periodontum means the tissue covering and supporting the tooth.
  5. Prosthodontics: is that branch of dentistry which deals with the restoration and maintenance of oral functions, comfort , appearance and health of patients by restoration of missing natural teeth with fixed ,removal maxilla facial and implant prosthodontics.
  6. Oral medicine and radiology.





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