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Skin & VD Department

The Dermatology, Leper logy and Venerably Department deals with the treatment of all Skin, Hair, Nail and Venereal Diseases, Diagnosis and treatment of all types of common allergies and drug reactions.

Treatments of Cosmetic problems like removal of Warts, moles and tags

Facilities are available for Micro Dermabrasion, Skin polishing, Peels for Acne, Glow and blemishes including skin changes due to Ageing.

Excision of Cysts, small growths and Ear lobe repairs are also carried out.

PUVA and other modalities of treatment are available for Psoriasis and White Patches.

Botulinum Toxin and Gel Implants are likely to be available shortly.

The Department has Radio Frequency, Cryo Therapy, Micro Dermabrasion and PUVA unit.

The Department has Three Consultants :-
Dr. Anjeeta Dhawan
Dr. Surjeet Mehta
Dr. Annu Jain




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