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Radio diagnosis is the key to investigate protocol of patient care and management. In 1991 the Hospital started with a small department having facilities only for conventional X-ray and B-mode ultrasonography. Over the years the department has made tremendous progress. The Radiology Department has top of the line 1.5Tesla 18 Chanel MRI Machine, MDCT scanner with facility for 3-D reconstructions digital fluoroscopy, 4D colour Doppler, Ultrasound with ARFI (Fibro Scan), 3D Doppler Ultrasound, Bone Dexa, Mammography, OPG, Digital X-ray Machines and a number of other equipments. For the early investigations of sick indoors patients we have added a new digital X-ray and color Doppler ultrasound machines in the ward.

  • The Radiology Department has 1.5Tesla high resolution supercon MRI scaner which has a slew rate of 200Ms. The scaner has a TIM (Total imaging Matrix) with the help of which, the whole body can be scaned from head to toe in a minimal time and in a single scan Diffusion, perfusion, functional studies, spectroscopy, seizure protocol are possible besides routine brain, spine and abdominal scans. MRCP, MR Urography and MR Myelography can be done with precision and accuracy.
  • The department has the advanced whole body MDCT scanner which is a unique addition to investigate modality and is essential in head injuries, various neurological, abdominal and respiratory disorders and in spinal and other orthopedic disease. Guided procedure with CT scan help in the characterization of the disease process by more accurate placement of needles in areas unapproachable with other techniques like ultrasound for cell cytology (FNAC) and Biopsy. Spiral CT scan facility in the hospital is an asset to the department of neurosurgery. This allows us the speed and accuracy we need to quickly diagnose a variety of conditions for emergency and non emergency patients of all ages.
  • Ultrasound : We have top of the line 3D/4D ultrasound color Doppler machines for the preventive and diagnostive examination. Recently we have added Elastography and ARFI for the differentiation of various space occupying lesions and diagnose early cirrosis from fatty liver.
  • Mammography : Specialized radiological study to view breasts soft tissue and characterize space occupying lesions- benign and malignant.
  • OPG (Orthopantomogram) : This is a special X-ray study of the whole upper and lower jaw giving descriptive radiological view of dental importance.
  • Bone Dexa : Providers vital information regarding bone mineral density, required for osteoporosis and other bone disease.

We have a team of competent doctors and trained paramedical staff who work diligently and help to diagnose and treat the ailment appropriately.





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